How to Make Quick Cash by Flipping Websites

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Make MoneyHi there, this is a quick tip for bloggers who want to make quick bucks, but it requires a little investment as it requires buying website. I have already written about Flipping Websites few days ago, but this is something very great tip for a quick cash.

This isn’t new technique but very less has been written about it, more often we see people talking about creating a website, then develop it and then sell it for some amount of money which normally the total of 10 month revenue.

But, it still requires a lot of time and risk.

It takes time as you need to do a research, buy a domain name set up a blog, write content of the site, then wait for search engines to index your site. then, in order to get some good price for the site, you need to monetize the site and then sell it.

Also there is a risk of all your effort going in vain. that means you will have a website burden on your shoulders.

The Trick

My trick also requires a little research but you will save a lot of time as I am talking about buying already established sites from one place, track where the site lacks, work on it and then sell it at a different place.

Where to buy

Digital Point Forum (DP) is the place where to can buy websites that have huge potential, but the website maker run behind small cash.

Where to sell

Flippa is the best place to sell websites, you can buy sites form here also, but i would suggest you to buy the sites from DP, develop it and then sell it on Flippa. Flippa charges $19 for a listing, but you get nice value for your website,

Here is an Example

You bought a sports website from DP for $100, you redesigned the site, did a logo ( most of the site on DP doest not have a logo), did a little bit of branding thing (I suggest you to reach archive posts of 86blogger for more tips on this). monetize the site , with Affiliate Sales, or PPC or CPA ( these are best ways to monetize if you need to sell the site instantly). all these things will requires less than 30 hours in a month, and after one month you can list it of Flippa for a quick sale and your site can sell for $499.

This is what I have done in past and this is one of the reasons Flipping Websites is on top in my income report for 2009. Just remember, this method requires a bit of rick too, but you will find risk in everything.


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