How to Resize the Post Editor to a Fixed Width in WordPress

Over the last few years, WordPress has made some big improvements in their software, and it has only become better.

However, there are few changes that are still tough to accept. One such change is the Responsive Post Editor.

Yes, it’s the age of multiple devices with different screen sizes. But who the majority of people still prefer a Computer (a laptop or a Desktop) to create content and write posts.

And for iOS or Android users, there are apps that are wonderful to work on. Even the Desktop app is pretty awesome.

But the Post Editor in the Web version of WordPress is a little unpleasant when opened on a large screen, like I open it in a 22 inch Monitor and it looks something like this.


I actually really didn;t think of it as an issue for my until I started using the Newspaper theme for my other blog, the post editor for that blog looks like this.


I know the Newspaper theme adds some code to the WordPress so that the editor gives bloggers a feel of how their content is going to look like when it is published.

I find it pretty useful and this makes the post editor of my other blogs a little odd.

And if Newspaper is doing it, there is certainly a way to do it on any post editor as well. So I found this plugin called Editor Resize.

Editor Resize is installed by just 20 people at the time of writing, It’s odd that not a lot of people find it useful and are okay with the responsive post editor which takes up the entire width of the 1920×1080 resolution screen.

Anyway, I installed the plugin and it did what it said, it resized my post editor.

Here is how to install and activate Resize Editor plugin.


You can download it from the plugin directory or simply go to Add Plugins ➞ Search for ‘Resize Editor‘ then install and activate the plugin.

Now go to Settings ➞ Resize Editor and set the width you want to use. Mostly you would want to use the width of your content area on the blog itself.


Like I use a 700px Content area on the blog, So I fixed the width of my to 700px and it looks like this.


So the Resize Editor plugin gets the job done for now. The only downside is that the width stays fixed when I resize the browser to less than 700px. Apart from that, it works fine.

I hope you find this useful.

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