How to Increase AdSense CPC on your Blog Effectively

With Google Panda Update the 80 percent of traffic of many websites was gone. One of my blog also got affected which resulted in Low revenue from AdSense, however, low traffic wasn’t the only thing which was affecting my Revenue from AdSense.

With few comparisons, I came to know that the CPC (Cost per Click) of AdSense ads was also decreased.

Comparing the Revenue between August 2011 and August 2012

The above screenshot is from the month of August 2011 and below is the screenshot for August 2012.

The above result is for a single blog which got affected by Google Panda update and you can see the page views are down and it is getting less than half of the previous one. But you would notice that the CPC has also decreased. In August 2011, it was three times of the CPC of August 2012.

One of the main reasons of getting low CPC is the niche of the blog you own. Few topics get high CPC and few get as low as 5 cents. But this is not the case above as it is the same blog but the CPC has decreased.

Exact facts are not known to anyone but I have come up with my own list by comparing results. Google has also mentioned do’s and don’ts to increase CPC on your blog. You can read my tips to increase Adsense CPC below.

Smart Pricing

There are many publishers who write on same topics but not all the publishers are equal when it comes to the quality of blogs they run. When an Advertiser targets a topic (or say keyword), thousands of websites will shows their ads.

Now, as the quality of websites differ, the conversion of the visitor who clicks on the ads will be different from websites to websites. Which means an advertiser would pay according to how better the ads are going to convert, the quality websites tend to have better conversations than other websites because of the trust factor of the visitor on their websites.

Smart Pricing is Google’s technique to maintain a pricing of a CPC according to the quality of the website. Google can easily find out which websites get getting better conversions for ads but sadly we, the publishers don’t have any such tool to find it out.

But, when Google clearly mentions that they care about quality websites, we can get a fair idea where the problem arises.

Removing Ads from Low Quality Blogs

If you run a blog which has a low traffic, it’s okay to run ads on it as long as you test the ad patterns and write quality articles on it. You have a loyal readership and the CTR (Click through Rate) is quite fair as well. But if you own blogs which has low quality and you create content on them once in a while and never really optimize the ads by trying different placements. Then you should consider removing ads from those blogs. Because these ads are adding page views to your total Google AdSense account without performing better, they can affect your entire account by entering into smart pricing we discussed above. So, consider removing ads from all your low quality blogs and you may see the results in a month or so.

Opt for Both Text and Image Ads

While creating ads, opt for both ads and image ads, if the design of your blog allows it, as it will enable more advertisers to bid for that ad spot and if more advertisers are bidding for a single spot, chances are you will get the highest bid for it. Also try different colours to suit your blog design.

Importance of Website Layout

The layout of your website is very important as it is going to leave an impression on the visitor and you would want to it be positive. Place the ads according to the layout of your webpage, do not compromise on your design for the sake of putting the ads on reader’s face. More visits are also important to make more revenue.

Smart Placement for First Ad

Google AdSense blog states that the first Ad on your page servers the better ad for various reasons, which means it will get the highest CPC of all of your ads. If you are using two ads above the fold, find out which one of your ad has the highest CTR. You may want to make the high CTR ad your first Ad on the page so that you get more revenue.

More Ads is Less CPC

In the third point we talking about opting for both image and text ads, now the other thing that can be done to get best CPC on the blog is to narrow down the Ads which hare going to appear on the blog, so that less options are available to more bidders, which will result in higher CPC. Again, use Custom Channels to find out Ads with better CTR and remove the other ads.

Increasing Quality Traffic

The quality of Traffic matters a lot, people who are landing on your webpage from Social Networking Websites or Bookmarking websites are more often casual visitors are not looking for something other than reading your content, and usually are aware of ads and they tend to ignore them, this is called ad blindness. The traffic coming from Search Engines are looking for something and they are the ones who get converted easily, but again, the content which are making them visit your blog also play some role, is it valuable and provides the information the reader is looking for, write quality content and to increase the traffic from Search engines, you will have to give importance to SEO  (Search Engine Optimization). I hope you get what I am trying to say.

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Write useful and clean content

Suppose you are writing about hacked or cracked version of software and provide download links on your website. One thing you are doing to infringing copyright laws and other is you are targeting people who are always looking for Free things, imagine who will Advertise that kind of content and how many people are going to make conversions for the advertisers. Google AdSense doesn’t allow you to put ads on Adult or someone else copyrighted content, but even if you manage to get away with it, you won’t be able to make high CPC. Write clean content so that Advertisers can feel confident about advertising your websites.

Change your perspective

If you are running a blog and monetizing it just by running ads and you do not have product of your own. Then keep in mind that your visitors are not your customers, your Advertisers are. Your visitors are your inventory, which means the more inventory you have, the more revenue you are going to generate from your customers. While it is the best thing to write about something you love, but always keep in mind that what kind of advertisers you want and who are going to pay more for your inventory.

I hope this helps the most of you who are trying to optimize their AdSense revenue. Feel free to subscribe to the blog and share this post with bloggers who may find it useful.

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    • It depends on how much is decent money for you. But the average CTR ( Clicks per 100 Visitors) is 2% on an average with making 10 to 50 Cents For every click, (it depends on the topic of your blog/website is about). For example, if your CTR is 2% with 20 cents being cost per click, you can earn $4 for every 1000 visitor on your site, that comes as $120/month if your blog/websites gets 1000 visitors/day.

  1. Hello Bro, I have a website sports related but actually my cpc is extremely low. I have huge traffic from Us, UK but nothing is changing. This is my website: Can you suggest me anything?

    • You will get Low CPC if your visitors are from countries where the overall bidding it low. US/UK/Australia seem to have higher CPC on ads.
      Also, try reducing the bounce rate on your blog. You can do this by interlinking posts and writing more engaging headlines.
      You may also try alternate methods for monetizing your blog.
      Check out monetization methods page for more info.

  2. Very nice list. Will implement some of these on my site.

    A question, bout ad (300 x 600) on the right sidebar. Have you compare the CTR: placing ad on the top vs. lil bit lower position in sidebar??

  3. I am using Adsense below the content as Blog Parse. CPC of this ad is very low 0.02 $ whereas my other Adsense unit has average cps of 0.08. Clicks on blog parse are approx 80% of total clicks. So, how could i increase the CPC of Blog parse adsense unit which are the major source of clicks for my website. Please guide.

    • The main reason for getting a low CPC is because of the advertisers who advertising on your blog. This is all controlled by Google.
      A visitor from US will see different ad than a visitor from India. And if the USA visitor click on the ad, you will get higher CPC.
      Here is what you can do.
      Block unrelated categories.
      Target US/UK/Australia
      Or simple grow more traffic and increase the overall revenue/
      You can also try getting advertisers onboard directly.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Dear Asif Ahmed. Hope u r Fine.

    I am so disappoint to my blog performance.. my Per day page views are more then 10,000 but earning is below $5. Last 7 Days Ads Clicks are 1469 and total earning against these clicks is $36.88. Pls Give me some advice to fix this problem.

    Thanks .. MUNIR SHEIKH

    • Hello Munir, as per clicks and revenue for the last 7 days on your blog, the average cost per click is just 2.5 cents, which is very low.

      The Click through rate, on the other hand, is quite nice.

      But the kind of content your site has, is not attracting good advertisers. The visitors are mainly from your local area (Pakistan) and the advertisers in Pakistan are not interested in advertising their products or services on such content.

      Unfortunately, with Adsense, you can not make more than what you are doing right now.

      You can search for direct local advertisers by looking at few forums that offer similar kind of content.
      But then again, for having a direct advertiser on board, you need to make your site more professional like a .com domain.
      nice design etc.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for visiting Asiogroup


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