How to Increase Traffic on Your Website by Curating Content

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The purpose of almost every blog is to get traffic. In the past, we have written a lot of content revolving around one simple fact that you don’t need a lot of traffic to earn good amount of money from a blog.

But, generally speaking, the more traffic you have the better because you can explore a lot of ways to monetize your blog.

Now, talking about getting traffic to your blog is easier said than done. I myself have struggled enough with getting traffic. Thanks to Long Tail Keyword Strategy, I am saved.

But it is still so much effort to create quality content because it takes the time to do that.

Fortunately, there is a way to speed the process up, and it is by Curating content created by others.

Increase Traffic on Your Website

What is Content Curation?

In simple words, Curation of Content is the using the text, image, audio created and posted by a someone else and shared on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube.

There are millions of people who hang out on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat where thousands of them share their views, experiences about a product, a service or a brand.

Brands have been creatively using this type of content in their promotion on Social Media, and many brands have been successful at this. Like these Brands, Bloggers like you and me can also benefit from the content created by others.

This Strategy is already being used by the viral blogs

You may have seen a few click bait stories in your newsfeed. Mostly the stories covered by these websites are similar but with a different Image and a Click Bait headline.

And when you click and land on their site, all it has a few line of introductory words describing what the post is about, and a video or a tweet embed. The funny part is, it really works and people share it like crazy.

There is no reason you cannot do it for your own blog, in fact, I have actually seen few websites doing it, even when they are not those recent viral blogs with Clickbait headlines.

If you go to YouTube, you will find tons and tons of videos related to your niche. You can use them to grow your own blog.

Yes, I am talking about using the videos created by YouTubers. Almost 99% of the videos on YouTube have enabled embeds, giving you all the permission you need to use their videos on your website if you embed them.

In last few years, we have seen a tremendous growth in video content, and with YouTube being the 2nd most visited site on the Internet, this trend is not going to stop.

Which means you are never going to run out of the Video content.

Some of the places to curate content from

Other than YouTube or Twitter or Facebook, you can find the content related to your niche where your readers hang out. You can be creative and find it out, I’ll give you a few examples.

Product reviews are pretty cool if you are reviewing a physical product, you can go to and read some of the reviews. I’ve found some intelligent reviews that I’ve used in my own posts (with proper mention obviously).

Comment section of popular articles, videos etc is the best place to get some fresh content and unique perspective towards a topic.

These are just few examples you can curate any type of content which suppliments your own content and create the best blog post for readers to consume.


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