Increase Website Engagement with Easy Slide-In Plugin


Easy slide-in is a plugin that makes it easy to capture the attention of every user and helps you put your message in front of them to increase the engagement on your site.

This is a short review of the plugin that tells you what you can do with this plugin.

We have always talked about how important it is to increase engagement and convert random visitors into regular readers. Do everything you can, to make people connect with your site via Email or on Social Media, so that they can be brought back to the site again and again.

Bigger sites have advantages of hiring highly skilled people for building their sites in a way to capture maximum attention of their visitors, but small publishers like you and me, depend on WordPress plugins to get same kind of functionalities on our sites.

Fortunately there are developers who are creating great plugins for WordPress sites that let you do anything you want.

I recently wrote a post listing all the plugins that let you increase your subscription rate without annoying your visitors. These plugins are actually popups that appear inside the browser window after a certain interval of time. I also mentioned that a certain group of webmasters are against using such popups as it may harm the user experience of a site. But the choice is still yours whether or not you want to use it.

I decided to try a different method and see if I can still increase the subscription on my blog without using the popups. I was looking for a Plugin that let’s me pop out the subscription form on the left hand side at the bottom of the browser window.

I found Easy Slide-In plugin to be a perfect solution for this, to my surprise, this plugin comes from the same developer who has created Easy Social Share buttons that I am using all on my sites.


Easy Slide-In lets you show four different types of content, HTML messages (which means any code you want to put in, be it Facebook like box, a subscription box, a video, possibly anything), MailChimp Subscription, Related Posts and Sidebar Widgets.

These features solved my problem on several of my sites where I wanted to show different kind of messages without annoying the visitors, and I am currently showing email subscription on this blog, related posts on our food blog and a Facebook like box on our entertainment blog.

This plugin also has the feature to control when and how long the message is going to appear.


For example, you can make it appear after a visitors has scrolled down to a certain percentage of the page, or you can make it appear after a particular time (after x number of seconds) or after the visitors has passed through a particular element on your page (author bio, comment section etc.)

Then there are other settings like whether or not should the message appear for the visitor who closed it and after how many hours, days or weeks you want it to appear for them.


Email Subscription Form on this Blog



Related Posts on Our Food Blog



Facebook Like Box on our Entertainment Blog



The Plugin Costs $16, which I think, is pretty nice value considering it can be used on several sites and can be used to show different type of content. The plugin can be bought from CodeCanyon.

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