Infolinks Review – Is it worth your time?


Successful blogging requires a blogger to be able to do multiple things efficiently, one of the things is to monetize the blog.

We recently discussed different methods one can use to maximize the advertisement revenue, in which I had included Infolinks to be one of the methods as it has innovative ways to monetize a blog.

For example, showing text ads by converting keywords in your post content into hyperlinks, which is said to work better than the traditional banner ads.

Then there are other ad types for aggressive advertisement, (I call it aggressive as it will affect the user experience of your site). All in all, Infolinks looks like a decent service to run on the blog.

Does it perform? we will find it in the review.


I had used Infolinks several years ago but stopped using it as it wasn’t working too well. But recently, I considered giving it another chance after reading the reviews and constant email pitches from Infolinks to try them.

I’ve read on multiple blogs that Infolinks has improved their system a lot and it is a whole new experience to work with their ads system.

So, when I first tried to log into my account, It simply didn’t let me in, even when Google Chrome auto-filled the username and password. I was pretty sure I had the right login credentials but requesting a new password doesn’t hurt so I requested it.

Only to find that there is no email from them, not even in the spam folder, I tried once, twice, thrice, then I waited for a day assuming there are some server issues and forgot about it.

When I got another email pitch from Infolinks after few days (it was actually a follow-up), I told them the problem, to which they quickly told me that since my account has been inactive from a very long time, it is possible my account has been sent to a passive state (I don’t remember the exact term, but it was something like that).

I was able to log into my account once they reinstated my account, and then it was time to add my websites to their system which took another few days to get approved.

How much did I earn from Infolinks in a Month?


7-day earnings report of Infolinks. 

So, I was finally ready to put codes on my website after over month of trying to do that. First few days were like a few cents per day, even the eCPM wasn’t too pleasing.

The reviews I read on other websites mentioned that it will take time for Ads to pick up and the revenue will start getting better day by day.

So, I wasn’t worried. But, after two weeks passed and there was no sign of improvement, I started getting doubts about the service because I was planning to use Infolinks my big websites once I was able to validate it.

Even though I used Infolinks on one of my websites that had just around 1000 page views a day, but to give you a perspective, the same blog earned me $5 to $10 per day for the same page views from Google Adsense.

So, I earned over $2 in a month from Infolinks whereas my Adsense revenue was over $200. That’s just 1% of Google Adsense


20-day earnings report of Infolinks. 

Yes, there is no doubt Google Adsense is the best advertisement method for a website, but alternatives can earn you at least 10% of Google Adsense revenue, which, in my case, would be around $0.5 to $1.0 but it never went more than $0.5. (It went to $0.80 when the traffic was high and Google Adsense made $24).

I was determined to use Infolinks for at least 1 month so that I can review the service accurately, and I was very optimistic about it. But, looking at the earning stats, I did not have the patience to keep it running for the whole month and had to stop it just a few days ago.

I have removed the Infolinks Ads from my blog for now and I would be concentrating on optimizing Google Adsense rather than spending my time and energy in adding a 4th or 5th Ad slot only to send my visitors to Advertisers for a couple of cents.

Who is Infolinks for?

A screenshot of a website which offers music downloads, is running Infolinks Ads

I am not saying that there is no place for services like Infolinks in the market which is always hungry for Ads, but it is not for websites that prefer to improve the user experience and have a high CPC from Adsense.

I don’t want to make this article sound so negative about Infolinks, so I will talk about scenarios where using Infolinks would actually make sense.

The websites that have been banned from Google Adsense, or the websites that have content where Google Adsense is not permissible, Infolinks can be a good alternatives. I know there are few niches where websites earn a few cents per click even from Google Adsense.

But they still make good money because of the high volume of traffic. Infolinks can be used there to maximize the revenue or you may want to check out the article where we talk about maximizing the Advertising revenue.

Here is a link to Infolinks if you wish to try your luck. Let us know in the comments below about your experience with Infolinks.

➤ Sign up for Infolinks.

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  1. Hey Asif,

    Great Review, but I have few questions in my mind after reading this.

    I want to know, whether Infolinks is good for small blogs or sites having visitors around 4-5k monthly?

    Will it work converting those visitors into some secondary income or I am also thinking about using CPA network?

    Which should I use for best secondary income? CPA or InfoLinks?

    • Income from Infolinks would depend on the kind of blog you have. And it works well on blogs where Adsense works well.
      As I said, consider it 10% of what you will get from Adsense.

      Having said that, if your visitors are loyal, and there are a good number of returning visitors, then these CPC based programs are less likely to perform well.

      For your type of website, it won’t be good. Amazon Associate will work well for you. Work on increasing your traffic by writing more informative content.


  2. Hi there
    Can you please fill us in on the the products you used from Infolinks
    Cos i honestly think you were using just one
    I think you used just intext which is more of PTC
    Infolinks themselves say they are an Adsense alternative which means they know they can’t be compared to Adsense
    Im using them but with just the second day on my blog that just got resurrected after a long time in exile
    I indeed according to analytics got 110 views that
    Infolinks gave me 110 net views and 240 ad views and with an ecpm of $0.28 i earned $0.07
    Apart from the inframe ad i use everything ok
    And its just the second day with an Entertainment blog that is trying to get back on its feet
    Infolinks to me is far better than a lot of these so called Adsense alternatives

    • I used mostly all the options given by Infolinks, but if it works well for you, you should keep using it. Thanks for sharing your experience with others who land on this article for an unbiased review of this service. 🙂

  3. Hello Asif,

    Is it possible to have adsense ads and Info links ads on the same website/blog?

    I am just getting started with sports niche, so also want to know whether Info Links is good for Sports traffic or I should try some other option?

    ~ Shemmy Hein


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