The Last 3 Blog Monetization Methods To Consider

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If you are a full- or part-time blogger, chances are you want to make the most of your blogging time. From the time required to effectively customize a blog and to write value adding blog posts to other financial and technical requirements, it is only justifiable if a blog owner starts searching for various means of monetizing his blog. If you have tried the popular blog monetization methods like PPC and still not making enough, here are some other monetization tips that can boot your bog income.

1. Offering Premium Content

Many bloggers are already leveraging the earning potential of providing premium content. While it works great on blogs that have established some reputation in their niche, I think that any blogger, despite the number of readers on your blog, can also benefit from this program. Premium content is a method of offering your readers some password protected content which they must pay to have access to. This is easy to create if your blog is running on WordPress. Just create the content, and from your visibility option choose password protect and set the password before publishing the content. This will hide the content from any unpaid reader or visitor. To increase your chances of earning from your premium content though, readers need to know what they are paying for. You can just create a lead page, with a detailed explanation of what they will get from the premium content and how they will get the password. Once someone pays, send the password to his inbox; it is as simple as that.

Additionally, it is important you understand that offering premium content depends solely on the kind of blog you are running. While it can be easy to implement on some general tips and guides kind of blogs, it may be a total ruin on review blogs where your goal is to provide readers all they need to decide whether to purchase or forgo a particular product or service. For instance, can you hide a coupon code behind a password on your review blog and hope that readers pay to get them? This is not a common practice and inhuman at that. I think I will have a 100% bounce rate if I implement this on my coupon blog where I provide Snapily coupon, Mixbook coupon, and many other current coupon codes. Considering that these are reputable service sites whose coupon and other vouchers can still be sourced from hundreds of other blogs, I will just be giving visitors a reason they should never return. However, when done well, in a fitting blog with the reputation and traffic, offering premium content can provide a consistent income stream.

  2. Audio Ads

If you have a targeted niche blog, audio ads may just be a great earning opportunity. Consider that you are running a blog on free software programs and digital solutions, you can make a killing with an audio ad that says “you just won a 12 months Norton 360 license” or something like “you are the winner; tell us where to send your coupon”. However, the earning potential of this blog monetization method depends on a number of factors. For instance, some of your blog readers may not have their audio speakers connected and may never hear the advert at all. Also, you will need a significant amount of traffic and a well-targeted advert for this method to actually work. If you want to give this a try, you can start out with NetAudio.


3.  Pop-Up Ads

This is an advertising program which is based on visitors’ impulse for results. Pop-ups ads are just what the name says; they are sudden adverts displayed, mostly in interruption, to a visitor. While this may be good for some of your niche blogs or sub-domains, I suggest you use this only on blogs you don’t have long-term plans for. For instance, my coupon provides unbiased reviews and provides current coupon codes for various products and services like Mixbook and Snapily. And I feel like using Pop-up ads brings a characteristic that defiles my original intention of providing selfless, unbiased reviews about the products I am promoting. So I desist from using it on that blog. Interrupting visitors or readers on a blog you have long-term plans for might just make readers develop a defensive attitude towards your blog; hence you may end up with zero returning visitors. If you have such blogs that may be right for Pop-up ads, you can work with AdBrite, PayPopup, or Adversal.

With some creativity, you will find that there is no limit to how your blog can be tweaked into brings those extra bucks every now and then. And who knows, it may even grow into a dependable income stream. By using Audio ads, integrating Pop-up ads or by offering premium content, you can effectively boost the earning potential of your blog.

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