How to Choose Between MailChimp and Aweber?


A few days ago, I wrote a post about the importance and getting started with email newsletters. Assuming you already know the importance of email list and want to get started ASAP. I’ll help you with choosing the best suitable email service for your blog.

Now, as have discussed earlier that we need an email service to collect, manage subscribers and send emails to them, MailChimp should be the choice of many who are getting started and are not in a position to invest in this kind of tool.


Fortunately, MailChimp lets you get started with email marketing for Free, however, there is a limitation. It is only free for up to 2000 subscribers and you can send them over 12000 in a month, for a lot of people who are getting started, it is more than enough.

Having passed that limit, you can either pay as per the number of emails you want to send ($9 for 300 emails or $30 for 1000 emails) or upgrade to a monthly plan with unlimited emails to send.


If you are already running a popular blog which has thousands of daily visitors, and you will be able to get past the MailChimp’s free limit of 2000 subscribers real quick, you can also consider Aweber as the pricing for managing huge list is almost the same as MailChimp. You can get started with Aweber for just $1 for the first month.

Here is a detailed comparison of the pricing of both the services.

Screenshot 2015-01-02 at 5.38.50 PM

If you look at the pricing comparison carefully, you will notice that MailChimp has more flexibility on the pricing even though Aweber is $1 less in every subscriber segment.

So my suggestion is,

If you are just getting started with a blog and looking for a service to send updates, deals, offers to your subscribers, then go for MailChimp.

If you have a blog with a good number of daily visitors (take 1000-2000 in consideration) and you are looking for a  more advanced service like sequence emails, in-depth reports, then can go for Aweber.

Whichever email service you choose, both are compatible with leading popup subscription plugins to help you increase your subscription rate by up to 300%.

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