Best Mashable Style WordPress Themes for Showcasing Visual Content

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Mashable Style WordPress Themes

If the content of your blog is more visual in nature, then you must take some time to implement a design that showcases it beautifully. We will take Mashable as an example of a blog that posts a lot of visual content.

If you ever have visited Mashable, you may have noticed how well they showcase the content from their blog, the design is filled with high-resolution post images that fit a computer screen, even when the screen size is more than 1500px. The images is placed in  such a way that they entire a visitor to click and read the content. Perhaps that is why such design is called Magazine style.

Twenty Fourteen WordPress

The Magazine style designs have become very popular in last few years, even WordPress picked a Magazine style theme as a default theme for the year 2014.

If you are looking for a Magazine-style theme that can get you a more visual layout for your blog,  here is the list of the best Mashable Style themes.


Sparkle WordPress Theme

Download/Details  Preview


Sparkle theme impressed me with its clean design. I literally browsed through thousands WordPress themes at various marketplaces to find the right one for my own blog. The demo of Sparkle looked as if I am browsing any big website as there was not a single element out of place, even on mobile phones.

I know that it is often the case where demos look amazing but when you try to implement the theme on your blog, it looks totally the opposite of it. But with Sparkle, I was able to get the exact look I wanted for my blog.

Sparkle is available on CodeCanyon for $52 which is a decent price for a WordPres theme like this. The developer seems to be quite active and the reply to one of my queries was prompt.  I’ve also seen the updates for this theme are quite frequent.

If most of your blog traffic comes from Mobile, I highly recommend you use this theme as it looks beautiful on Mobile with everything in place.


Mashable Style Theme

Download/Details  Preview


Mogoze is another Magazine style three column theme that takes a lot of inspiration from Mashable’s current design. You can easily change the colors and few elements to make it look unique and still get a beautiful layout for showcasing your visual content.

Mogoze is a three column theme just like Sparkle, even the single pages are in three columns, which is a bit distracting to me. But, the rest of the things are good for the price you will pay.


MashMash- Mashable Style Theme

Download/Details  Preview


MasMag is more of a clone of Mashable than a mere inspiration. I am not sure if you would want to grow your blog as a clone of Mashable, but if that is what you want, MashMag is the theme for you.

But if you are looking to grow a blog and create it’s own identity, it will be better to go with either Sparkle or Mogoze, or better go with Sparkle initially then hire someone to make required edits to lift the design a little up and make it look unique. MashMag costs just $29 which is very cheap considering the price of the themes listed above.

Mashmag is created by 99Theme, who are known to produce WordPress theme inspired by popular website designs. Like this one for Viral Nova, the viral website which recently got sold for $100 Million.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme for a blog that has viral content, Check out More Viral blog themes.


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