MDD Hosting Review, A Premium Hosting with No Compromises

Okay a few days ago I shared my experience of HostGator VPS, and how I was able to find a reliable hosting service like Digital Ocean, which is a pretty amazing service to go with if you are looking to scale up.

So, you must be wondering why bother about any other hosting when I found the best one in Digital Ocean.

Let me tell you thatwhile Digital Ocean may be the best option I found so far, it might not be the most suitable one for you, or anyone else. Partly because it’s an unmanaged hosting, meaning, there is no visual Interface given, and everything is done via Command line, which is pretty lonely space for a newbie.

There are many people who will be comfortable going with an easy to use and easy to understand hosting service available at a price they can afford, without compromising on the speed and other benefits of a fast server.

While services like HostGator and BlueHost come to the mind when we talk about hosting a new blog, there are many other awesome hosting services that are fast, better and come with peace of mind.

MDD Hosting is one such service

When I moved my food blog to Digital Ocean, which was getting the most amount of traffic, I moved all my other websites to MDD Hosting, because all my other websites that were hosted on HostGator, felt so slow, even though it was same like before, but once you experience the speed of a fast server, you just can’t stand the slow loading websites.

The only option was to move all my websites to Digital Ocean, but the fact that I have got over 5 other blogs, with not so crazy traffic, and Digital Ocean being an unmanaged hosting, I was’t really excited to do that, because, hey, I’ve got other things to do other than to worry about the hosting.

How My Blog Started Getting 400,000 Pageviews/Month without SEO



I started my search for a reliable hosting and shortlisted two of the best ones that got a lot of recommendations,

  1. Site Ground
  2. MDD Hosting.

I read more reviews that favored Site Ground. The reviews were not comparing it to MDD hosting but sharing their experience with the hosting.

I was all about to purchase the GoGeek Plan (14.95/month) but then something happened and payment didn’t go, I think the page wasn’t loading for me.

For some reason, it put me off, and I chose to go with MDD hosting, as it was the only other option I shortlisted.

I remember one comment in a forum where I asked for help, and it said that I personally have to use it to know if its best for me or not. And too many options will lead to too many confusions.

Premium Hosting Plans

I decided to go with MDD Hosting and move all my blogs from Hostgator. I found a great thing about MDD hosting, it also offers premium hosting plans.

MDD Shared Hosting

Here is what it has to say about the Premium hosting plans

Premium servers have only 1 to 3% of the total accounts the hardware would normally support and Pure SSD storage is used to ensure maximum speed all day, every day. All Premium accounts have access to 2 CPU Cores on the server as opposed to the limit of a single core per account in our standard shared hosting.

Most of the hosting providers aim to fill up 60% to 70% of resources on a server, but MDD hosting does not let it go beyond 1% to 3%, making it an isolated hosting server and giving more room to the websites to use the resources, and as you all know, less websites on a shared server means better performance.

I chose the plan, which costs $25/month, the price is obviously premium over other shared hosting plans that cost somewhere around $9 to $10. MDD premium hosting will let only a handful of sites run on one server makin them run faster and thats what I am getting, fast loading websites.


And that’s not it, their servers use SSD Hard Disks, which issuper fast, the SSD hard disks make even the shared hosting account on MDD hosting a pretty nice deal to go with.

[pullquote align=”right”]“I am getting the same performance on MDD hosting as I am getting on Digital Ocean for my food blog, and loving it.”[/pullquote]

So, I am running my websites on the Premium Hosting of MDD Hosting, which gives me pretty decent speed with all the benefits of a shared hosting plans, such as cPanel, the most familiar visual interface I have been using for years. It gives me a preace of mind.

MDD Hosting also offers higher levels of hosting, which I can opt for, if my other websites start getting traffic, or in worst case, I can pick it from MDD Hosting and move it to Digital Ocean. I think it’s a perfect setup and I would like to stick to it for a while. As they say it, if something isn’t broken, why fix it.


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