Monetization Tips for Blogs with Less Traffic

You started a blog with an amazing idea, you started writings articles and so your blog started getting thousands of visitors a month, more visitors meant more money and more money simple means 10x more money.
Okay, if that’s not your story then you may want to read further. It’s okay if you don’t own a blog which is blessed with huge traffic. You must be aware that monetizing a blog which has less traffic really sucks. Here is a list of few things that has worked for me in making enough money from blogs with less traffic and survive it.

Stop AdSense Ads on your Blog/ Create Product or Services

If you get like 100 page views a day and are using AdSense in a hope to get big checks, you are only fooling yourself. Stop running Google AdSense (or any other CPM ads) on your blog and start making a shift from CPM (networks which pay one per thousand impressions basis) to product specific, which means creating your own product or service. Just one sale can be 10x the money you make from AdSense or maybe even more.

Quality of readers rather than quantity

It’s a true that, blogs that get tons of visitors make tons of money, but that money can be multiplied by your favourite number when you have got quality readership on your blog. For example, you are always writing about how to hack and get free stuff, people who land on your blog are those who don’t want to spend on something and rather want everything for free. They don’t do any benefit to you or your advertiser. So, if you start focusing on building quality readership on your blog, you might be making your dream money soon.

Write Sponsored reviews

If you own a blog which has a good reputation but the traffic is low, you can always make good money doing paid reviews, if someone told you that writing paid reviews is not good for a blog, don’t listen to him, everyone is doing it, don’t just start asking money for every guest post you receive but if you review a paid product from your area of interest and you thinks it’s worth it, ask for money to write a paid review but be sure to ask for full freedom to criticize the cons on the product.

Hunt for Advertisers and offer a better deal

If you run a kickass blog, almost every advertiser would want to buy ads on your blog, but as you have made it this far in the article, chances are that you are not. You must be running an awesome blog but many advertisers would not know its awesomeness if they are not shown it. Just like start-ups reach Venture Capitalists (VCs) to get a funding, start hunting for Advertisers for your blog. Go to your competitors and see their sponsors, create a list, cold call them, write an email ask for sponsorship. And you can even make the payment as much as 12x if you simple ask them to sponsor your blog for a whole year, this way, they get to advertise their product at a cheaper rate and you can invest that money back in your blog to make it better, design wise, layout wise, logo write or get extra two hands for writing the content.

Work harder than anyone else

Accept the fact that you will have to work harder than others who have got a blog blessed tons of traffic. Work harder on everything from the content to promotion, there are many others who are starting out every day. Always remember that hard work pays and quality matters. It if good to start making some money right from the blog so that you don’t have to invest money from your pocket which could create circumstances for you to quit.

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