Monitor All Your Web Data from Different Sources on a Single Dashboard.

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If you are a blogger who runs multiple blogs, you will know the importance of time, and if there is any tool that saves even just a few seconds per task, you will appreciate it.

One such tool I recently came across is Cyfe. It’s an amazing tool that lets you monitor data from multiple sources from a single window, which is amazing, because I normally spend an hour or two just to look at the Analytics, Revenue, Sales, and Subscriptions on different blogs of mine every morning.


Apart from spending hours on them, the part I hate the most is the mental pressure it builds which makes it seem like information overload. My brain feels full of such information that blocks my creativity to some extent.

I hope you know what kind of pain I am trying to explain here. Monitoring your business web data from different sources a full-time job, you have only two options if you really want to make your day product,

  1. Hire someone to handle all that and brief you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Or,
  2. Find an automated tool that lets you do it in a more efficient manner.

I strongly suggest you to go with (b) if that option is available, even if you can afford someone to do that job for you. Because it will enable you to take decisions quickly.

Tools like Cyfe give you the ability to look into all that data that matters to you in a single dashboard where you can add small widgets from various sources. There are over 60+ sources you can add widgets from. Custom widgets let you put data from virtually any source.


I have been trying from past few days and I am loving if. I am still on a Free account, where they let you add 5 widgets (which, I think, is very sad because I want more) to the dashboard, to add more you need to go Premium.

If you are looking to add less than 10 widgets, they offer a very clever way of offering a widget for free every time you refer someone to use Cyfe.


You can add widgets to get Stats like Posts and Comments done on your blog in a month. To add your WordPress blog, you have to install their plugin to your blog which will give you an API URL to put into the widget.

Cyfe also lets you create multiple Dashboards, that can be helpful to track web data from different projects. For example, if you run two websites, you can set up two different dashboards for both of them. Here is an example of one of the dashboards you can setup.


So, anyone who is having trouble to find time to create content or do anything else that matter the most, Cyfe can help you free up some time for that. The premium account offers all these things mentioned above for $19/month ($14 if paid manually).

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You can try Cyfe yourself here 


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