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I recently made Google Chrome my default browser because if few obvious reasons, the biggest reason was that I use almost every product of Google and I use two different computers for that, Google Chrome offers sync of browsing history, web forms passwords etc., which makes it easier for me to work on different Machines without any difference.

The other big reason was the availability of wide range of Extensions which give extra power to browsing and overall productivity in the work. Here is a list of Chrome extensions I use.


This twitter client manager all my twitter profiles as well as my Facebook account. The Chrome extension for Tweetdeck makes it easy to scan all the Social Media activities inside one tab.



Feeldly makes it easy to read content from multiple websites by offering them in one place. It offers the content in a magazine style format which makes it easy to scan. It also lets you sync your Google Reader feeds and makes it interesting to read.



Every webpage on the web contains ads, social media plugins and other clutter which makes pretty distracting to read the actual content. You click clearly and it gives you pure content in a clean format. Really Speeds up the reading process.



I love this one, launch it and put Google chrome in full screen mode (F11) and you are ready to write articles without any distraction. You don’t even need to save the text you write as it automatically saves it in the cache. Also offers accounts so that you can work on the same article from multiple computers.


Google Translate

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a foreign language page which has the content I want to read, Google translate comes to rescue and breaks all the language barrier to consume the information written in any language.


Google Shortner

Helps you mask long urls so that you can share them without making people go nuts. A Google search quest you want to show, has a very long URL, and so the location of images on the web. This shortens the URL and also offers Analytics to see how many people click on it.


IE Tabs

No matter how much advance the web gets, few websites still offer support only to Microsoft’s native browser Internet Explorer. This extension lets you open website in IE right inside Google Chrome. It doesn’t require you to open IE separately.


SEO for Chrome

This Extension tell you about a website, where it stands on the web, it shows you about a Website’s Alexa rank, Page rank, inbound and outbound links and many other metrics you may be interested in knowing.


Astrid Tasks

It helps managing task easily and effectively. I love it because it is available on multiple platforms, Create tasks on either Chrome or your Smartphone and access them on any of them. The notifications it gives are pretty impressive.


Faster Chrome

As the name suggests, it gives you a fast web browsing experience by automatically loading next pages so that you don’t have to wait for the next page to load, just browse by scrolling down.


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