How to Move A YouTube Channel from One Google Account to Another

In this post, we will be talking about how we can move a YouTube account from one Google Account to another with all the Subscriptions and Subscribers intact.

Even though there were documentations of how it is done, they no longer work, for example, I found a pretty good post detailing the process, but sadly YouTube has changed a lot in the last few years making them irrelevant.

So, this the most updated guide you’ll probably find on the web, and hopefully, it will work for an another year or two.

Reasons to move YouTube channel from one Google account to another?

It could be anything, from moving away from an embarrassing Gmail address, or using other services like Google Maps, Play Store on another account, or looking to bring all the services into one account.

Before we start to list we process, I want you to know how it works.

You must be knowing that YouTube is a property of Google, like its other products, like Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube also required a Google account to log you in and manage it.

There are two type of YouTube accounts.

1. Personal YouTube Channel 

2. Brand YouTube Channel

Personal YouTune Channel:

For personal YouTube channel, as the name suggests, it belongs to a person, and the person has to use his name.

For example, My Personal YouTube Channel would be Asif Ahmed.

Now, I can use it for promoting my business or to monetize my videos, there is nothing I cannot do with a personal YouTube channel, the only difference is, it is linked directly to my Google Account, and I have to use my name.

Brand YouTube Channel

Brand YouTube Channel, on the other hand, can use any name, All you need is a Google Plus Brand Page, which is like a Facebook Page that can be created by anybody for anything with any name (as far as it doe not infringe copyright)

Users can also Convert a brand Youtube channel into a personal Youtube channel or vice versa

You can go to where you will find advanced settings.

On the Advanced settings page, you will find the option to move your personal youtube channel to a brand account. And it will show you a list of brand account associated with your Google account.

Note: if you choose an existing brand account that has a YouTube Channel, it will be deleted and replaced by the personal YouTube Channel.

If there isn’t any brand account listed, you can create one by clicking to ‘Add or manage your channels’.

Then on next page, you can create a new channel, and then follow the steps mentioned above and replace the newly created account with your personal youtube account.

How to move it to a different Google Account?

If you want to move your brand channel to another Google account, you can go to this page on your Google account that will have all the brand accounts.

Click on the brand account where you have added your YouTube account. On the next page, you will be able to manage permissions for the users added to your YouTube account.

Type the Gmail address of your 2nd Google Account and choose the role as an owner. and Invite.

You might have to check your 2nd Gmail account to accept the invitation of becoming the Admin of the Google Plus Brand Page.

Turn your newly converted Brand Youtube Channel into Personal YouTube channel.

Once you become the Admin of the page from the 2nd Google account, you can login in a different browser and access the newly converted Brand YouTube Channel.

From the Advanced settings in YouTube, you can change it back to a Personal YouTube channel.

And since you are logged in from the 2ns Google account, you will be able to choose it and successfully move your Personal YouTube Channel from one Google account to another.

Hoping this post will help you. If you have any questions you can use the comment section below to ask it, and if this post becomes dated (which is highly unlikely till 2020) you can let me know about it. Additionally, Subscribe to my YouTube channel for watching Online Business and YouTube Related Videos

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  1. Asif! Help!

    Your article title doesn’t exactly match the contents… Just recently, YouTube requires that the YT Channels name (I have a Brand Channel) must match the name of the Google Account . When I created my YT Brand Channel I used a Google Account of a different name, even though I also had a Google Account with the same name as the YT Channel (long story…). : . There has never been a problem with this, but YT forced a filter through recently that MANDATED that if a Google Account of the same name as ur YT Channel existed, then that Google Account would be force linked to your YT Channel, so changing the display of the channel name and a lot of other stuff.

    So! Please, how * do * you do what the title of ur article reads, how do you change the Google Account associated with an existing YT Brand Channel ??


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