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If you have been a visitor of from last few months, you may remember the Popup that appears when you landed on the blog for the first time and read a post or tried to leave the blog.

I am using Ninja Popups, which I chose after doing a small research on Subscription Popup Plugins.

Short Review: If you are looking for a plugin that can help you set up different types of Popups, this is the plugin for you.

Buy Ninja Popups from Codecanyon

You can read the longer version of the review below.

I am using Ninja Popups on few other blogs as well and it worked really well in increasing the subscription rate.

There are few reasons I chose Ninja Popup over other plugins,

  1. It’s quite affordable, only $19 (life time updates)
  2. It works with all kind of WordPress themes.
  3. It is highly customizable (also had wide range of Templates)
  4. We can set up different types of Popups (Facebook Like, Newsletter, Related Posts etc.)
  5. Exit Intent!
  6. Open when user scrolled XX% page!
  7. Open after X sec of inactivity (no mouse or keyboards actions)!
  8. Google Analytics Event Tracking integration
  9. A/B Testing

I have started using Ninja Popups on different blog in September and I saw a huge increase in the subscription rate. Below is the screenshot from Mailchimp.

You can clearly see the difference between July and September, (The traffic of the blog fell down in November, which resulted in getting low subscriptions, but the rate remained same, i.e, above 1.5%.)

Ninja Popup Settings I am using for Increasing Opt-in Rate

I tried different combinations on different blogs and observed the results very closely, I’ll mentioned the settings that worked the best for me.

Show on Every Post

For more of the blogs, Homepage is not the most visited page, people land on single pages from Search Engines, and those who already type your blog url and land on your homepage are already your readers.

So, the Popups appearing on posts work really well, far better than on Homepage.

Three Step Popup Worked Better for my Blog

Though it offers quite a lot of templates, I found the three step Popup works better for me on my blogs.

Three step Popups are basically the ones which ask the users if they really want to get what you are offering in in return of their email. A simple YES /NO, works as a funnel and only those would are truly interested in knowing what you want to share, get on your list. This helps in better conversion as the list members are much targeted.

Exit Intent

When the visitor tries to close the blog, the popup appears and asks the visitor if he wants a free report to make his life amazing. Most of them opt-in.

It is said that money is in the list, I couldn’t agree more on this and this simple plugins helps your double (or even triple) your money.

Even if you are not into growing your email list, this Plugin can help you promote your Facebook Page or any other content as you can show anything as a popup, even a YouTube video.

You can Ninja Popups for $20 from Codecanyon.

Buy Ninja Popups from Codecanyon

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