Place Ads in Your Blog Using Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress


Google AdSense has be in the business of Ads for over 10 years now and finally they have released an official Plugin for WordPress to help people do better Ad placements without having to mess with coding part of blogging.

WordPress, which powers almost 20% of the websites in the world, is the first choice of platform for bloggers who can make beautiful websites using a wide variety of themes and plugins available and without having to learn coding.

Google finally went ahead and released their first plugin for helping such users who find it tough to implement Ads in their blog.

At this blog, we keep mentioning awesome plugins which makes life easy, as they let you do almost anything on a blog and we have come across many third party plugins that make the tough job of putting ads into a blog easy but all of them have some kind of limitations to it, such as the Ads can be placed in widgets area.

Also, I have read many things on discussion forums that a particular third party AdSense plugins injects their own Ads and makes 5% of user’s earning. Many have even been caught red handed.

Having said that, an official WordPress Plugin from Google itself solves at least this problem of getting your income stolen by some third party plugin developers.

What other thing this Plugin does is, it verifies the blog at Google Webmaster Tools, which is also a bit technical for many people out there.

Let see how it works,

You download and install the Google Publisher Plugin, or you can search and install the Plugins right inside the WordPress.


When you activate the plugin and go to the settings of the Plugin, you have to logged into Google for getting started.


When you click on the Get Started, your blog automatically gets verified at Webmaster Tools which is quite nice because it takes a number of steps to verify your website to it manually. You are also connected to your Google AdSense and you can manage ads right from that screen.


So when you click on Manage Ads, you can see your blog and select, front page, single page or single post where you can click on the plus (+) signs to add Ads to these positions.

You can select the type of ads and the ad sizes which is set to ‘auto’ by default. I use a computer of Ads units but I could not find any option to select my existing ads units to place there, maybe they ad this feature after few updates.

The other thing you can do is preview how ads will look like when are start running.

The plugin is currently in beta but that should not be an issue as most of the Google products are in beta for a couple of years but they work perfectly fine.

So, by reviewing this plugin, I found out that it is a very nice plugin for the purpose of verifying a blog to Webmaster Tools, and people who are afraid of coding can use this plugins to place their ads at best possible positions.

For placing Ads in my blogs I use Quick AdSense which has more better features and lets you put Ads from other services as well.

But, as I said, if you are not comfortable using a third party AdSense related plugin, you should use Google Publisher  Plugin.


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