How to Promote Your Blog Posts using Slideshare


In a post published a few days ago, regarding how to bring traffic to your blog, I mentioned about using Slideshare for bringing traffic to your blog.

In this post, we will be talking about the exact process you can follow to promote your blog post using Slideshare.

Slideshare is a website for sharing PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs) or Slides, it also supports .pdf, .doc formats, and has recently started supporting video formats as well, making it a website for finding visual content which is easy to consume. It’s a medium which is getting very popular day by day.

Any website that has a community of people hungry more content, there is an opportunity for you to showcase your content. Mostly I have seen bloggers using this medium in a wrong way.

All they do is simply upload the .pdf version of their blog posts hoping to get many views, which they do, in most of the cases, but no one actually visits their blogs.

How to actually promote your blog posts on Slideshare

Instead, make a teaser of your content and put it on Slideshare. Think of the promos you watch between the commercial breaks on the TV. You have to do something like that.

Here is an example of the teaser I have put on Slideshare for one of our blog posts.

If your blog post is solving a problem, highlight the problem in your Slides, it should make the viewers aware of how serious is the problem and how they can solve it, create curiosity and ask them to check out your blog post for more details.

Content like this will get more CTR (Click Through Rate) for your blog post.

Build your following on SlideShare

Now, when we say that you should be using SlideShare to direct traffic to your own blog by putting up teasers of your content on SlideShare, it doesn’t mean that everything you put up on SlideShare should refer back to your own blog.

You can create standalone content that does not require anyone to look for reference that supplements the slide. This makes it easier for you to build a following on SlideShare.

Pick popular Slides and make it better

You can browse the SlideShare website and find popular slides that might have gotten a lot of views but they are unimpressive in terms of visuals.

You can pick such slides and try coming up with your own with better visuals and perhaps more in-depth on that particular topic.

All this would lead to gaining followers on SlideShare which would be helpful when you put your teaser on the website.

Best tools to create content for Slideshare

Like I said in the above section, the continent you would be creating for SlideShare should be visually appealing.

They are professional services available that can turn your data or blog post into nice looking infographics.

There are also specific websites dedicated to creating infographics and visual content which you can utilise to create slides that can kind of teaser for your actual content on your website.

You can also check out these sources that can help you create high-quality visual infographics by yourself.

7 Best Tools to Create Highly Visual Infographics to Going Viral

Quantity vs Quality

There is always going to be this kind of debate, a few people would be recommending to go with the quality, and pick only the best ones to create visual content for, but I would suggest you also give Emphasis to the quantity as well, because whenever you post on SlideShare it won’t be in your control to make something go viral.

So, the more content you put on slide share the more will be the chances of it getting viral forgetting seen by a lot of people.

There are plenty of ways to divert traffic to your blog, Slideshare is one of them. It might not be the best medium for every blog, but for a lot of them, it would really make sense. Do let me know about it if you are willing to try and do share the results with us using the comment section below.


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