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WordPress is the choice of my blogging platform, I love the fact that you can change the look and feel of your blog using tons of WordPress themes available on the web.

Despite that, the Admin panel of all the WordPress blogs are almost the same, there is a limitation to which you can customize the admin panel.

I have recently started a multi-authored blog and I wanted to implement a feature that could let them publish new posts from the frontend itself, giving them a unified experience and see how the post would actually look on the page when it is published.

This functionality can be achieved with the use of plugins that allow authors to publish new posts right from the frontend of the blog.

We have covered plugins like UserPro in the past, which is a kickass plugin to create a community blog by keeping the user on the frontend. Though, it comes with a lot of learning curve plus a cost of $28 for the features.

If you are looking for a more simple way to get that functionality, there is a free plugin Frontend Publishing that makes publishing from frontend possible.

Though The plugin is very straightforward, it does give you few options to make few customization. You can also use it even if you are not running a multi-author blog and want to allow guest posts on your blog or just want to keep it for yourself.

How to install and use the plugin

1. Install the plugin on your blog and go to the settings page to make some customization, like, for whom you want this page to be visible, who can post directly and minimum and maximum number of words in a title etc.

2. Create a page giving it a title of something like New Post, Edit, Submission (If you want it to be accessed by others for submission). Then just put this short code into it:   [fep_submission_form] 

Now when you will view the page, you will be able to publish the posts from there only. You can ask your readers to bookmark the page so that that can write from the frontend and see how it is going to look on the blog, once it is published.

Frontend Publishing plugin is available for Free in the Plugins Directory of though there is a premium version of this plugin as well, which is available on CodeCanyon for $16.


Frontend Publisher Pro offers is a lot of customizability to their already available features of Publishing Pro. For example, you can build as many forms you want, for Authors, Submissions etc.

Then there are few added features like Custom Feilds, CopyScape integration, Powerful Media Uploader, Extra security etc. You can check out the premium version yourself.

FrontEnd Publisher Pro on CodeCanyon for $16

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