Remove Random Text Strings At the End of Every URL

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Being Bloggers, we have to wear multiple Hats to fix stuff on your blog, Be it content, traffic generation or some kind of technical error.

And believe me, the technical errors can give you many sleepless nights if you are not good at coding. Even the bloggers with a bit of knowledge can struggle to fix issues.

One such issue that I recently found and fixed after a really long time was this particular issue there some random text string gets added to every image URL.

Surely, the Image URLs not bot the biggest of problems, but a curious mind would always ant to know why are they there? what’s the purpose of these strings?

And if these random text strings that get added to the end of every image URL, then how to stop them from generating.

I started with Plugins, because, 99% of the time, if some issue popups up out of nowhere, it’s because of the Plugins.

Either it’s not supporting to the latest update of WordPress, or the Updated plugin has some issue.

The best thing to do is, by Deactivating the Plugins one by one and keep checking if the issue still exists.

So, if you’ve got too many plugins, then make sure you have some time or do the important stuff first because this is going to take some time (which can be even done when you are not super energetic to work on something great).

I found that WP Total Cache plugin was the reason these random texts were added to the image URLs.

If it would have been any other plugin, I would simply have removed it, but WP Total Cache plugin is such a crucial one that I had to troubleshoot the problem by making changing to the settings and seeing what’s making these texts appear.

Troubleshooting a plugin also works in the same way, start disabling features one by one and keep seeing when the issue is fixed.

And I found that in a few minutes that one particular option was turned on which was causing all this.

It was the last option ‘Prevent caching of objects after settings change’ as this added some extra strings to each of the images on my blog like xyz.jpg?34243

I’ve also mentioned this in my WP Total Cache setup guide


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