Schema by MTS is the fastest wordpress theme with zero errors 

A normal day of every blogger has a lot of things going which requires his attention. And when we Bloggers are done with creating content we spend some quality time with our blogs to make it the best looking, best performing.

Only to find that it isn’t really perfect as a few things are not great here and there. The speed of our blog is slow or there some code errors in the theme.

I initially used to address a lot of issues on this blog as well. In fact, it has happened so much that I’ve pretty much become an expert at addressing this issues related to WordPress.

This is why I started so that I can do more and more posts related to WordPress without boring a lot of our readers here on this blog.

So, one of the posts I’ve written here is fixing the fathom error that shows in Google rich snippet.

I get a lot of visitors on that post and they are looking to fix it. While for some people the fix works but there are also a lot of people who have to change the entire theme.

And I feel for those people Schema is the best choice. It’s not named schema just out of blue, schema theme actually has the cleanest code. I checked it myself and I see nothing that breaks. And there are only a handful of themes that can achieve this (I’ll make a list of such themes someday)

The schema is also the fastest loading WordPress theme. Period

I tested it in one of our blogs and the results were amazing. So much that I decided to keep scheme as our theme and get a clean design ss well a fast site.

How I stumbled upon Scheme

Last year, I started a new blog that targets the local audience, and it’s a Hindi language blog I created after knowing that Hindi content has a huge demand and there is so much scope for publishers right now. You can read about it here in detail.

The challenge I faced was that people were using extremely slow internet connections to read my blog (most of the users of 3-tier cities in India prefer cheap 2G internet over expensive 3G (Despite Jio offering Free 4G Internet, my readers still are the ones who use the slow internet).

So according to Google Analytics, the average page load time was 40.7 seconds. I was making the mistake of using the most flashy theme Newspaper, which I used on several of my blogs (you know, to save costs :p ). But what’s the point of using a flashy theme when 90% of your users will use their Mobile phone to view your blog and it will take ages to load?

So, I kept searching for the fastest WordPress theme. There are several minimalistic themes there are are a lot of Free themes as well, but I am done with Free themes since 2009. Premium is what I recommend to everyone who is serious about their blog.

Anyway, my search ended when I looked at Scheme WordPress theme from MyThemesShop.

The Schema has been recently updated and offers 3 Skins (Skins are usually different preset of layouts you would like to go with). I love the Minimal Skin, which has no image in the theme, it is purely code based theme which means less KBs to download, which means a faster site (I know there are many factors but this one is important) 

I highly recommend Schema WordPress Theme to anyone who has majority of their traffic from Mobile Phones and are looking for a blazing fast site.

Buy Schema Theme Now for $47

NoteIf you came here from Search Engines, I welcome you to the blog and would like to tell you that I’ve been researching a lot about making a website fast, and I’ll post them (or already posted them, depending when you are reading this) So, I would advise you to subscribe to the newsletter for amazing tips and tricks in the future. You can also read other articles on the blog, they are awesome. Thank you. 

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