Self-Hosted vs. Free

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There has always been this long debate regarding which is better to get started, is it a blog on or a Self-hosted WordPress that you can get from

While both have their own benefits, let’s discuss.


Benefits of having a blog

With, you get a free blog which is something like, though you can spend $10 to buy a .com domain name make your blog look like, but the platform remains the same.

You become one of the awesome bloggers who doesn’t have to worry about the technical part of blogging and can create wonderful posts with their words, all the other things are taken care of by

You can select a range of themes to change the layout you want, though it is limited, but saves a lot of your time which can be used for creating amazing content.

There is no hosting fees, you won’t have to hire an IT guy to do all the set up.

Who is this for?

People who want to write an online diary, document their everyday life, talk about their boss, or dog. And also the people who love to travel. They all chose, because it is less maintenance.

How to Get Started

Creating a blog on is as easy as creating an account at Facebook. You sign up using your email, choose a username, put a password and finally select your blog url.

Here is how the welcome page looks.


And here is the screenshot of the dashboard. It looks pretty much the same as WordPress on a self-hosted domain,


It can really get any easier than this to start a blog. SO nothing is stopping and you and you don’t have any excuse not to start.


Benefits of having a Self-Hosted blog

You can download the WordPress script from and set it up on a hosting server, which can be bought at a reasonable price. You can buy a domain name and put together a great looking blog but using free themes or you can give your blog a more pro look by getting one of those premium themes all that can be done in less than $100.

Now, you might think 100 bucks are little too much, but the benefits are countless, unique design, more flexibility with thousands of plugins. You own everything from the design to the content, every piece on your blog belongs to you.

Who is this for?

If you are interested in something which is popular among a number of people, if you think you can offers a solution to the problems people are facing, like a tutorial, an advice, reposting, offering some information and want to turn it into a business, make money from it and live your dream life.

How to get started

It not that easy to set up a self-hosted blog, but it’s not rocket science either. Many hosting companies provide one click install of WordPress script on your server. You just need to buy a domain name, a hosting, stick them up together and then install WordPress on it. I have written a WordPress set up guide that can be helpful to you. So go ahead and download it for Free.

If all that looks little too overwhelming for you then you can also look at our free WordPress set up service.

Now, if you are looking for starting a blog on a self-hosted server you do not have any excuse not to get started.


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