Six Ways to Steal Traffic for Your Blog

There is always a struggle to drive traffic to your blog. You do everything, but almost half of the traffic comes from Search Engines, that is something not in your hands, until there is a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is something really complicated and you are not going to understand it if you have just started off, I mean if you are just a six month old blogger.

You should always research about it, but this is not going to help you get traffic any time soon. Even if you have learned the SEO techniques, it takes three to six months for the results to show.

So, in the mean time, you should look for alternatives for get traffic for your blog.

You can do this by following few steps which are easy and above all, are under your control.

Commenting on other blogs

Commenting on popular blogs which are related to your blog’s topic will always help you get instant traffic.

You should make it a habit to comment on other popular blogs.

To save time, I’ll suggest you to make a list of popular blogs, so that you don’t have to search for them every time you want to comment.

You should use the Mozilla Firefox browser to do so. You can make a make a new folder in the bookmark manager and then bookmark all the big blogs under a specific folder, and when you want to comment to them, open all the bookmarks in tabs.

Every blog opens in different tabs and then you can read the blog post and comment on them by leaving a link to your blog. Always try to be first or second commenter on blog posts, so that more people can read your comments, this increases the chances of getting more visitors to your blog increases.

Write other blog’s Articles in your Style.

You should also read many blogs to know what and how they write about things, then write those thing on your blog in your own words, then comment on other blog’s posts by leaving link to your own blog’s post, many people will visit your blog to check it out, and maybe they will become a regular visitor if they liked the post.

Create fresh content to keep them engaged to your blog, don’t feel that the big blog is writing same stuff and you have no chance. If you write the same things in a different manner, which is easy to understand, people will visit your blog to read that stuff.

Use Social Networking Sites

This one also is the best option to get frequent traffic to your blog, all you got to do is little networking, socialize with other bloggers, make a lot of friends, use social networking sites like, facebook, orkut, digg, stumble upon, twitter etc to make friends, and send them your blog post links, but always keep in mind that they should have the same interest in what you are sending them. If your blog post is about basket ball, and all your friends like baseball, you will not be able to attract them to your blog. So, create content which is interesting to them.

Write guest posts

Writing on other blogs is known as guest posting. So, when you are commenting on other blogs, the blog will know you. Try to contact these big blogs telling them that you are interested in writing a guest post on their blog. This is beneficial for both the bloggers, the blogger’s time is saved so that he can do some other things for his blog and also you are exposed to a broader audience, a lot of people will make a choice of reading your blog on a daily basis. This method is getting very popular. I have been reading many guest post of popular blogs and have found many great bloggers.

Using Word of Mouth

Many bloggers complete forget this method. This one is very effective way of getting a lot of traffic. You tell your real friends to check out your blog, and ask them to tell their friends, friends of friends and so on. If you find any discussion is going on, which is related to your blog’s topic, or if you have written something related to it. , always refer people to check out This will make many regular visitors, as it has been referred to them by a real person.

There are many more ways to get instant traffic, or you can say stealing traffic, but this five are the most effective ways, also these methods will take all your time, and after few months, the search engine traffic will also improve. That means, after six months, if are still consistent in creating content on your blog and doing little marketing, you will get a lot of traffic that you can monetize directly or indirectly.


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