Increase Social Shares Using Social Buzz Plugin


In this post I am going to talk about a WordPress Plugins that offers a simple feature of social sharing buttons but does it quite well, something which is currently in great demand.

The short version of the review is that it’s a must have plugin to increase social sharing on your blog.

Buy Social Buzz Plugin

Read the longer version below.

In recent years , we have seen a lot of improvements in the WordPress platform. This has enabled a big market of premium themes and plugins which help small publishers to get features, that previously required a big budget to hire developers and get it done for the site.

These premium products can be classified in two broad categories,

One) The products that offer every feature one can imagine.

Two) The products that offer just one feature which has been done extremely well.

Social Buzz falls in the first category of products, it is a WordPress plugins that offers that one feature which has been done well.

While the products that offer all the features are value to the money if you have any clue to use all or most of them in near future, the downside is that such products require great learning curve and it takes quite a lot of time to understand and enable a certain kind of functionality.

The products that offer just one feature are easy to understand and apply, and have been tested several time to perfect that one function extremely well. Apart from being easy and fast to implement on the website, they are very light and do not slow down the site.

I am sure you might have seen the sharing buttons that are used on, a plugin called Mashshare offer similar looking buttons for Free. I have tried it and looks nice on every kind of site, but the velocity bar, which appears on the right side of the buttons, is something I always wanted to use on my site, Social Buzz offers exactly the same feature plus the similar looking buttons for just $19.


Mashable might have spend hundreds of dollars to get that features built, which makes this plugin super affordable as anyone can have that features for Just $19.


I am using the plugin on my Viral site which I created to get some hands on experience before writing about creating a Vial blog. I am getting quite a lot of shares on the blog posts and velocity bar works extremely well to grab the attention of visitors, which results in getting a lot of shares as people tend to share things which they know are being shared.

You can see in the screenshots above that how nice and appealing it looks on the posts. You have the control on the appearance and selection of the buttons, plus there are three themes available to choose from.


The Social Count color, Text on Buttons, Hide/Show Counter and Bar, can be customized. All this can be done from a single settings area which doesn’t overwhelm you with loads of options, which you ca nstill get what you want.

Apart from the Look, Feel and Functionality of the plugin, what other thing I liked about it is the frequency of updates this plugins is getting. I am sure the developers of this plugin will introduce more control over the buttons by still keeping the  settings page as simple as possible.

All this brings me to say that Social Buzz is a must have plugin for sites which are popular on Social Media as it can help them boost their Social shares. You can buy the plugin from CodeCanyon at $19.

Buy Social Buzz Plugin

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