Software and Tools I Use for My Blogging


This is a list of the resources I use for my blogging, from software to the hardware. I hope this could help you in some way to get your things done.

Blogging Software

The platform is used for blogging is WordPress. There are many others to start but WordPress is. Just amazing and is the choice of millions of bloggers. One of the amazing features of WordPress is the availability of wide range of plugins. Plugins add functionality to the blog, I use a couple of them, I have written a list of essential Plugins that I use for the blog.

Blog & Logo Design

Though I can make and modify designs myself, I prefer a pro help here because it is a good idea to get it done by someone who is best at it. Nicholas Francis is my design guy for all my graphic and theme design needs. Nick is great at his work. Get in touch if you are looking for a custom design or logo.

Social Media

I am not that active on social media but whenever I do, it is Limited to Twitter and Facebook. Tweetdeck is the tool of my choice for using multiple Twitter accounts at once. StumbleUpon and Reddit are other sources to find a quality audience to your site.

Web Applications

Evernote for taking notes, Dropbox for keeping files synced on Computer and Phone. Google Docs for writing articles article and collaborating on projects. Recently started using Trello for Managing my Websites.

Photo and Videos Editing Software

I use Adobe Lightroom for photo development and Adobe Photoshop for editing photos for Blogs and Websites, Snagit for taking screenshots and Camtasia for screencast videos. I also use web apps like Pixlr Editor, Picmonkey and Canva for creating stunning graphics to share on Social Media.

Web Browser

I like to do most of the things inside a browser and as I work on different devices, I like to keep my browsing history synced, I started using Google Chrome which keeps everything synced from browsing history and passwords etc. I get same browsing experience on every device. I also use a couple of Chrome extensions which add more to the productivity. Here are some productivity tips for Google Chrome users.


I usually have to take photos of the products I review or make videos, for the purpose I use a dSLR camera from Olympus Ep1. This is the Camera I use to shoot my Videos as well.


I have got a Macbook Air, HP Chromebook 14 which I use for writing articles, Samsung Galaxy Tab A as a phone and a primary computing device when I am away from my Macbook. I also have built my own Desktop PC for doing heavy video editing and when I want to do more than one thing at a time.

Check out the useful resources for bloggers and web publisher to run their websites in a better way. 

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