How to Start a Blog for Free

Enough talks has been done about blogging, now its time to act but not stop thinking.

If you think you will start your own blog, when you know about few things like, how to kick start, how to get readers or how to find a niche (the blog community which writes on a particular topic).

You can actually start a blog right away, and I’ll suggest you to start a blog on your own domain and host it on a paid hosting. It just takes $9.99/year for a domain and the hosting goes like $6.99/Month.


Starting a Free Blog

If you still think that it is something you can’t afford right now (as you don’t know anything about blogging) you can always start a free blog on a sub domain such as or (there are lot more, but these two are common and free) however you will get a blog url which will be something like this { or}.

Star a blog on them and start experimenting on them for a while you are learning the A,B,C of blogging. As these blog are free, so there is nothing to loose except the time you put in.

You know I made my 1st $ from a sub domain blog and then I bought a Domain for my blog and it ran on free hosting for few months and after that I moved it to paid hosting, but I wont recommend you to run your blog on free hosting (I will explain you later, don’t worry) is a hosting service which also provides a plan for free hosting.


Monetizing your Blog

There are few ways that you can use to make some money in order to buy a domain and hosting for you. These are Google AdSense, Few other CPA Programs, and Paid Reviews.

However, Paid reviews are the fastest way to make some money (Read here).

After you made that much to buy a domain and afford a hosting package for you blog, you can think seriously about your blogging, and now that you have also got some experience about how thing are done in this blogging world (Call it Blogosphere)

You can read how to set up a blog on your own domain.


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