How to Start a Blog for Free

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If you are reading this you are most probably looking to start an online business. It is correct that every business requires investment, but to do that business, you need skills or expertise, which can be acquired before investing or starting a business.

You may have read about the creator economy, and how big it has become in the last decade, there are tons of resources for you to get started but it can be quite overwhelming.

Every outlet out there that is promising you to help get started with blogging, has some kind of hidden agenda. And that is correct also, if you are fully focused, are easily able to understand the technicalities of blogging, you can invest money and speed up the process.

But if you are unaware of everything and it feels overwhelming you can surely get started for free. The process of getting there will take a little extra time, but there are free tools that will help you understand what blogging is all about.

Just Get Started on a Sub Domain

You can start a free blog on a sub domain such as or (there are many more services, but these two are common and free) however you will get a blog url which will be something like this { or}.

Start a blog and start experimenting for a while. You are learning the A, B, and C of blogging. These blogs are free, so there is nothing to lose except the time you put in.

You know, I made my 1st $ from a subdomain blog, and then I bought a Domain for my blog, and it ran on free hosting for a few months. After that, I moved it to paid hosting, but I won’t recommend running your blog on free hosting (I will explain you later, don’t worry) is a hosting service that also provides a plan for free hosting.

Start Now Monetize Later

It’s 2020s and there are a ton of opportunities to make money online. All you have to do is, be patient. Work towards building a hub where people land and spent time, give you attention.

Their attention is all you want. Use your free blog to sharpen your skills, learn about grabbing attention of as many eyeballs around a particular area of interest. And then you will find a lot of people giving you money to share your reader’s attention.

To give you an example one of my friend started on a free blog, created in a community which was lying around a particular topic. Then he invested $2 to buy a .info domain. Fast forward to 10 years, his website attracts more than 5 million visitors all over the world and he he makes millions of $$. Remember, he started on a free blog.

Find useful resources in get started as an online creator

I got started creating content online in 2007 it was just blogging back then, but as the time went by, the definition has changed, people call it content creation, because it’s not just writing articles, but, also creating videos, audio, and a mix of both.

I have been an online creator for a decade and a half and on this website, I have been sharing my experiences. Whatever I learn, you find on this website. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.


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