Stop Clicking Your Ads to Avoid Adsene from being Disabled

I have been answering a lot of questions on Quora lately, and I have come across a few questions, where the answer that was suggested was –

You can safely click on your ads to make money quickly.

It is so annoying to see people giving such pieces of advice that can harm a lot of people.

Take this guy, for example. He was doing click fraud. He was clicking his ads at the time, Google found out and disabled his account.

Dear Absolute beginners, here is what you need to know about Google AdSense

You may have come on board, start blogging, in the hopes to make money online, thinking it is easier than working offline, in a 9 to 5 shift, let me tell you you are terribly wrong.

Blogging does come with its perks, like, you do not have to leave your home, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop to work, but it requires as much effort, discipline, consistency, as any other job would require it.

With your blog, what you tried to do is, share knowledge with other people, and it would be best if you share the knowledge that you are an expert of, this helps in the long run.

When you publish an article where you are sharing your knowledge, a lot of people might be interested in the knowledge. They will be learning your blog to read the article to get the knowledge.

It is a possibility the knowledge about a topic you are talking about in your article, as few products or services to sell. This is where Google AdSense comes.

Google AdSense works as a mediator, between the Publisher and Advertiser. You are the publisher, who has the knowledge they are sharing on their blogs, and the advertisers, who have got the product or service they want to promote to the people.

Your blog post will show relevant ads from that particular topic, and the only reason advertisers put advertisements on your page via Google AdSense, is because it’s one of the ways for their business to make sales and generate revenue.

So if they are spending $100 to be on 1000 pages of different Publishers, they would be looking to earn at least more than what they are paying.

And for that to happen, real people, who land on publishers websites, need to click on those ads, to know more about the products and services the advertiser is promoting we are Google AdSense.

If the viewer goes to the advertiser’s page by clicking an ad that appeared on your blog post, Google AdSense will pay you around 70% of the word they get from the advertiser.

If you click on your ad, it means advertisers are not making any sales, and they will stop advertising on your page, or maybe they stop will advertising on Google AdSense all together.

Which is not suitable for Google AdSense, and this is why it is in there terms and conditions that you cannot click on your ads and doing that will earn you a suspension.

So, my friends, blogging is not getting rich quick scheme; it is just like any other job, with its perks. Admittedly, making money online is exciting, but money is not the only part of why people are successful in blogging.

This is why it is said that you should start a blog about a topic you care about in enjoy, do you have expertise.

On our blog, you will find countless articles talking about how to make a better blog on how to get traffic, and how to generate revenue. I have been doing this from the last ten years and what I share here is my knowledge in my feelings is that I learnt from blogging.

I hope you find this useful if you are a beginner start from here. 

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