The Best Front End Recipe Post Submission Plugin for Food Blogs

I co-own a food blog along with my wife.

Okay, I don’t know how to cook so don;t expect me to give cooking lessons on anytime soon.


I only play my part in the food blog, the part I am good at, that is, providing technical help to make the food blog run smooth.

And look for easy ( and cost-effective) ways to implement new features to the blog.

And one such feature is the ability to let others submit recipe posts on the food blog.

This feature could be implemented by asking a developer who built a custom solution, but it’s going to cost a bomb.

And that is not always the best option even when you have the budget because it takes a lot of to and fro talks, exchange of emails, thoughts and what not.

That’s why I reply mostly on Premium plugins, CodeCanyon is an awesome place to start with.

However, the place is crowded, and finding the best solution can take a while.

This is why I always make sure to write a post like this highlighting the best solution I’ve found from my research so that others can save some time.

The plugin I am talking about here for getting users submissions for recipe posts is called Cooked.

Why is ‘Cooked’ plugin the best Recipe Submission Plugin for Food Blog?


I agree that for front end submissions in WordPress, any type of plugin would do that offers the functionality of front end submissions.

But for recipes, there is a need for the different type of formatting if you want the recipes to look good and easily understandable.

For example, 

Every Recipes is in similar format, 

If you have a main image of the recipes, then there are ingredients table (sometimes two of more), preperation time, cook time etc, followed by intrustions. 

The Cooked plugin does the job very well. In fact has more things to offer.

Such as,

You can put the video link that can play when somebody clicks/taps on the main image.

You (those who will submit the recipes) can also place an interactive timer which is very helpful for readers.


The plugin allows user regitration and the front end recipe submission is clean wherere you can also add instruction texts for users to understand how the submission works.

Suggestion: The Cooked theme works well with the Besil Theme Created by the same developer. Check it out.

The plugin is available for $39 on CodeCanyon

⟶ Check out Demo 

⟶ Buy Cooked Plugin

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