5 Things to do After installing WordPress Blog

Whenever you install WordPress on your domain. Make sure you perform the most important actions right after installing WordPress. The process of setting up your blog will only be complete after to complete all of the following things.

Rename the uncategorized category to General

It doesn’t look good to have a category that says uncategorized, rename it something else like general, announcement or something else where you can post things related to your blog or simple in general.

Change Permalink Structure

It’s up to you what kind of structure you want, but the one with the post name looks better and used by many blogs.

Create your Profile

Many people start using the default username admin, but I suggest you to create a separate profile with a unique username (which is tough to guess) and download the admin profile to subscriber from administrator, if you want to secure your WordPress blog.

Edit First Post, About Page and Delete first Comment.

First post on WordPress is “Hello World” you may delete it but I usually edit the post and Welcome visitors to read my blog. I reminds me of the first post on the blog when the blog was started. You can celebrate the anniversary of your blog on this day in coming years.

Edit the Sample page into about and write a brief introduction for your blog, whatever comes to your mind. It is quite helpful in giving you an Idea about what kind of content you will be creating on your blog. You can always edit the page in future so no need to think a lot on that.

Delete the first comment, which is just an example to show how comments look like on your blog. No need to keep them.

Install and Activate Plugins

Plugins give extra functionality to your WordPress blog, make sure you install few of the plugins we have mentioned on the blog, on the very first day.

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