Things To Do in First Three Months of Blogging

Initial days of blogging are little tough, I mean you keep struggling with yourself, about what to post, few people post about their regular activities, few put their views on their blog, or say they keep filling in the spaces in struggle of keeping the blog alive, as blogs are a type of website that looks dead if it is not updated, this is because all the post show the date and time when they were published.

But that is the beauty of a blog, it not only publishes your views where everyone can read it, but enable them to comment on it, leading it to become a discussion. This is how you know about other, like, what other people think about it or so.

In the first month of blogging

All you should do is to write on your blog, just keep writing. Let me help you about what to write.

Just choose a topic and start writing about it, the topic you choose must interest you, so that you can write about it every single day. Writing a post a day will get you 30 post in a month, that mean s 30 pages will be added in your archive. With this much pages in your archive, you will keep getting visitors to your blog, at least 10 unique visitors a day, or maybe 20. This figure will keep increasing with your Archive of your blog.

Start commenting on others’ blog

Now that you have got enough pages in your blog that you can invite people to visit your blog, at first, you don’t need to ask everyone to come and read your blog, (but you can ask your friends to visit your blog). There is the other way you can make news visitors, search for related blogs; I mean blogs who write something similar you write on your blog. Make a list of blogs and start commenting on the post of these blogs, your comments should be sensible and meaningful.

This will make the not only the owner of the blog to visit, but everyone else who reads that blog post, can visit your blog too.

Let me tell this with figures,

Suppose. You made a list of 10 blogs to comment. 100 people visit each blog. So, your each comment will attract at least 10% of that blog’s visitors. Your comment will stay there forever, resulting in attracting more visitors to your blog.

Start Posting in Forums

Till here, you have got two types of visitors, the Search Engine Traffic and Referred Traffic.

You can use few more ways to get visitors to your blog, like searching forums for the same topic as you blog has. Again, make a list of at least 20 such forums, make and account on them and start posting on them too, after you write a post on your blog, you can start a discussion in forums, or, if you have written some reviews on any product, solved a problems, published a tutorial or anything, just search for people who are looking to get that kind of information, post your blog post’s link there and write little bit about it. So that people can visit your blog. If you really gave what they were looking for, they will keep returning to your blog, thinking you might have solved their second query.

Gain, you links will be there and people, who are searching for information will keep landing on your blog.

Posting in forums helps bloggers in two ways, it gets you’re a lot of visitors, and it get back links.

Back links help your blog rank better in search engines, few people even pay money to get many back links, and search engines have got a big complicated equation which is totally a different story, (Will blog about it later).

Using Social Bookmarking Sites for getting Visitors

Social Bookmarking sites is a site where people make accounts and bookmark there favorite pages from different sites, these are not for blogs only, few people bookmark there e favorite games site, favorite products. Just the whole motive of social bookmarking sites is to socializing your bookmarks, so that people can visit your profile and look at your favorites, (This is what I came to realize after using it for more than two years) there are few other definitions, like people put things they are interested in and other people with the same interest can visit it.

There are also few Social Bookmarking Sites with dofollow tags, with dofollow tag, blog post links you bookmark are counted as back links, which result in better ranking in search engines.

This one is simple too, you need to create accounts in these bookmarking sites, and favorite your blog post links. If your blog post is really hot and interesting, it will get thousands of visitors,

There are many more ways to get visitors to your blog, but these fours ways are the most basic and powerful way of getting huge amount of visitors to your blog. Let’s name them again.

1. Search Engine Traffic

2. Referred Traffic

3. Traffic from Forums

4. Social Media Traffic

Keep going with all these things on your blog for at least three months. After three months, you can start thinking of monetizing your blog. However, if you are in too much hurry, I’ll suggest you to use Google Adsense to your blog, which just requires visitors to your blogs to click on these ads, there are few people who suggest putting Google Adsense codes right from the beginning. Its totally your with to put these codes into your blog. There are money other ways to monetize your blog, which we will discuss in other post.

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