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I have been getting a lot of questions about the tools I am using on Asiogroup. People seem to enjoy the site a lot.

When I created this blog, my Goal was not to create the most beautiful site on the web but to make a useful site. Over the years,

Here are the tools I use on Asiogroup.net

WordPress Theme

I used WP-Prosperity  WordPress Theme, which is an amazing theme. But Now I am using the Newspaper theme. The reason is, a) it’s a popular theme that gets more frequent updates and great support, which is one of the important points to decide for buying a WordPress theme or plugin.

a) it’s a popular theme that gets more frequent updates and great support, which is one of the important points to decide for buying a WordPress theme or plugin.

b) it also offers a lot of customization in pages and different post layouts that help you manage your content better if you are covering a lot of topics.

c) it’s visually appealing. Know the Internet Marketing blogs can be quite boring with all text and screenshots, I try to keep it balanced and newspaper makes it easy to showcase your site beautifully.

The Newspaper theme has helped me do this pretty well. Though it’s a little heavy theme, but Asiogroup runs of powerful servers from Dreamhost so I don’t have to worry.

The newspaper is so good that I’ve even included it in my list of best WordPress themes for Viral Blogs in 2017

Buy Newspaper Theme (opens in new tab)

Premium WordPress Plugins

WP Subscribe Pro  ($19)

This plugin makes it dead simple to add a Subscription box on your blog. It has nice features and really simple to get started. Works well for any niche.

Easy Social Share Buttons ($19)

Spending money on a Social Sharing su_buttons plugin might seem strange, untill you use Easy Social Share Buttons plugin. It gives you any type of Button to suit your site’s design and many cool featues.

Free WordPress Plugins


You can go to Plugins-Add New in the Dashboard of your WordPress site, search for these plugins and add them to your site.


These days many blogs opt for a different commenting system such as Disqus or Facebook Comments. But if you want to use the Default Commenting system of WordPress, this is a plugin you must install. Helps fight spams commenting.

Yoast SEO

A must have WordPress theme which does the best job in helping you optimise your posts so that they work well in Search Engines as well as on Social Media.

Ultimate Nofollow

If you insert a lot of links from other websites, this is a useful plugin to keep a check on where you want to send DoFollow links (and benefit them in ranking well in Search Engines)

Shortcodes Ultimate (Bought Add-On)

Shortcodes are a new feature in WordPress, they make it easy to add some snippets of your posts and compliment the content, insert Yellow (or any colour) Notes, Buttons, Tabs, Tables etc using this Plugin. The available Add-Ons offer more features.


There are several Modules available in Jetpack, but the most you use, more resources it takes (slows down the site), that’s why I use only 5 modules. Publicise, Enhanced Distribution, Site Stats, Protect, Manage (because I use WordPress app to manage my WordPress sites)


I don’t use Adsense on this blog but this plugins still is useful for me, It lets me insert anything (Ads, Banner, Shortcodes, Subscription Box), Anywhere, in every post.

This plugin works great if you need to show some kind of announcement that would appear before or after every post. You can remove it anytime you want.

There is a new version of it that is available in WordPress Plugins Repository, it’s called QUADS (Quick Adsense Reloaded).

WP Total Cache 

Another must have plugin, every WordPress user should have it installed if they want to Optimise their WordPress site.

Setup up is a bit technical, you can take the help of this guide, How to set up WP Total Cache.


I keep adding/removing plugins to test them out for reviewing them, I also open previous posts and make edits to them (adding links to new posts, resources etc). This creates a lot of useless tables in the Database. This little plugin helps you optimzie it in few clicks.

I remove 1MB woth of useless junk from my site’s Database every week. A must have plugin.

So, these are the WordPress tools I am currently using on Asiogroup.net, I’ll be updating this list when I use any orher useful WordPress tool. You can check out Must Have WordPress Plugins you shouls install on your blgo right away.


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