Traffic is Not That Important To Make Money from Your Blog

First things first, I have not been active for some reason, only one thing could be used as an excuse, that is, lot of things happening in my life right now, anyway, will be back to work soon after 20 days of not doing anything, believe me, even my mail box has got loads of unread emails. So let’s talk.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is running a telecom blog, his blog is getting around 600000 page views per month and he is making only $1000/month. I have got another friend whose blog is getting around 20000 page views per month and he is making around $1500/month, yes, this is only because their niche are different, they monetize their blog with different models.

Now, people who are new to internet business feel that traffic is the only important thing to make money online. Yes it’s important but not that much.

My second friend is getting only 20000 page views , which is, only one day’s traffic of my other friend’s blog, but still making more because he has got his own product to sell. This is because he has a very high valued readers for his blog.

It Depends On How Valuable Your Readers Are

People who land on your blog via search engines are the ones who are in search of something, if there is a very less possibility that they will come to your blog again. People who land from Social Networking sites are little more aware of internet and value more than Search Engine Traffic. Then there is this other group of Readers who have subscribed to your blog and read each and every post your publish on your blog. They know you very well and are curious to read or listen whatever you have to say. They are the most valuable Readers for a blog.  This is the type of Readers who will buy Products you recommend.

Selling A Digital Product

The best thing about a Digital product is, once it is created, it can be sold again and again without any effort as multiple copies are not a difficult task to make, it’s just copy and paste thing. Every marketer has mentioned that selling your own product is the best profit model. Once you work hard and create a product, you can work on promoting it. The more valuable readers you have the more sales you are going to have and this works for almost all the niches.

Portfolio Websites

Many Designers and Freelance Writers have got their portfolio websites which gets very less amount of traffic but have a very high converting ratio. These portfolio websites brings them a lot of work which help them to make more money.

I have written this post to motivate bloggers who struggle to get a lot of traffic or think that only high traffic websites can make money, however, getting traffic from search engine is still a good thing and you can read How to get Search Engine Traffic for your blog.

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