How to Transfer the Ownership of Google Plus Pages

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If you are looking to transfer the ownership of a Google Plus Business page from One Google Account to another, then you are at the right place, because this post is about exactly that.

I recently found myself in a similar situation where I had to transfer the ownership of a big business Google Plus page for a blog I sold to someone.

It isn’t tough to create another Google Plus business page for a blog, but all the followers that the page had gathered would be gone, also the unique username like would be gone as well. And this is why we should know how to transfer the ownership of existing accounts.

So, if you look at the settings of the Google Plus Page, you will find that Google lets you add managers to the Google Plus pages. Managers have the capabilities to edit profile information, upload Videos on YouTube that is connected with the Google Plus Page, Organize Hangouts etc. Basically, anything a Social Media Manager would do.


This is helpful if you have got a Social Media Manager or a Virtual Assistant to manage your pages. You can let them Manage it without giving them the login credentials of the Admin.

There is also a role of Communications Manager which has fewer rights than the Manager. But let’s just focus on the Manager Role.


The Managers can be given the rights of an Admin, which is, Transfer the ownership of the Page. However, this can be done only after the other Google account has been the manager for a while, say like 14 days or so.

What you need to do is, ask the new Owner to sign up for Google Plus (it’s easy if he/she owns a Google Account), add the Google Plus Account of the new owner as the Manger of the Page, wait for the required time and then go back to the Google Plus Page settings and Transfer the ownership of the page. Once it is done, you can ask them to remove your account to completely disassociate you from the Page.

Tip: You can set a reminder of 15 days in Google Calander to do this.

This feature of Adding Manager to the Page is pretty useful in Google Plus and can be useful in many cases, and transfer of ownership is one of them.
When you do the transfer of ownership, you also transfer other accounts such as YouTube.

This feature can also be used for associating an Adsense account of other Google account to Monetize YouTube videos.

I hope you find this useful if you are in the process of moving Google Plus pages between different Google Accounts.


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