How to Turn Off Comments in WordPress

Successful Blogging is all about forming a community around a topic. It is one of the most crucial aspects of it.

But in the last few years, the comments have been shifted to Social Media.  And there are many benefits of having the engagement of your blog community on Facebook. Like, 99% of the people are real on Facebook

[su_note]Having said that, Comments system is still important on Blogs like WPCornr because it’s a Problem-solving blog, many times comments from different people are helpful in solving a problem. But sites like News, Viral Content or eve Niche sites, don’t really nee the comment system.[/su_note]

And since these people are real, there are fewer chances of spams and you also don’t have to do the stressful task of moderating them.

So in this post, we will learn how to turn off comments on WordPress blog. Instead, we can use Facebook Comments.

How to Turn Off Comments in WordPress

Method 1: Turn Off Comments from Theme Options

Most theme options provide the feature to turn off/on the comments and implement Facebook Comments. See if your theme offers this feature

Method 2: if you have a simple theme.

If you are not running a complicated theme that is being sold on ThemeForest or other marketplaces, you can do this manually and without the need of any Plugins.

This is my favorite methods because there is one less plugin to bother about.

What you need to do is, go to

Appearance – Themes – Edit Themes – Single.php

Your theme might be using a little more complicated structure as I mentioned above, you can still try to find the .php file that shows your single posts. You have to look for something like

comments template; 

Note: if you do it wrong, it might break your theme. Check out this guide to solve when your theme breaks.

Method 3: Install & Activate ‘Turn Off Comments’ Plugin

The easiest option to turn off the comments if you are scared to go to the 2nd method.

Install and Activate this plugin

You will see the options for this plugin in the Tools section.

Check the boxes and click on ‘Do it now’. The comments will be turned off.


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