Utilize Your Time When Internet is not Working

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So, today I am writing this post about what to do when your Internet connection is down. My Internet is also not working since yesterday. What I did, was to organize my computer, which includes renaming files, keeping them at the desired place so that I can find them whenever I need them.

Organize Your Downloaded Files

Creating folders for different t files. Cutting all the things I downloaded and pasting them to the desired folders, these are the things which I never bother to do when I am connected to Internet. This problem is not only mine but many people who have a habit of getting online and forgetting about the offline files on their computers.

Sometimes it happens that I download software and files again, even if I have already got them downloaded on my computer. This happens because I forget where I have placed the file or software.

You guys also must be facing this type of problem, so, you can wait for your Internet connection to get down. These things can be done in less times, which totally depends on the disorganization of your computer folders.

Organize All Your Family Photos

This is a digital world, so you must be enjoying all your digital things, including your digital images, you must have made different folders for different vacations or family picnics, but have you ever renamed them?

Have you ever deleted the crappy, no good looking photos? Oops, you must have forgotten. I don’t think so.

Don’t worry, it all will be set up, when your Internet connection is down. Why go mad on the ISP, you should be thankful to them for providing you the time to do all that stuff, because , if the network adapter in your computer is showing the blue ball ( that means you are connected) you will never do all these things, and keep forgetting where you put your digital things in computers.

Take an example of your home. Do you keep your stuff organized? Not all of us!! So, we find so many problems in getting things, or worse. It takes a lot of time, when you really need them. But in the case of your digital things, I mean your computers, you can search it, but wait…..

What name you gave to the picture taken on July tour in London? Dsc0000***** something? Oh sad!!! That’s why I was telling you all to utilize your time when you can’t check your emails.

Read all the eBooks You have downloaded

No need to keep yelling at you ISP, grab a coffee, make your self comfortable… and read all the e-books you downloaded. These e-books have 20 to 200 pages, and you never bothered to read them, all you did, is to download them and get satisfied that you have got it. Read it, learn it, and apply it to improve your blogs, health, wealth and everything you can.

There are so many reasons to stick to your computer even if it’s not connected to the World Wide Web. And if you are a blogger, it’s your bonus time. You got no distraction and your can work on your next killing article, this is the best for bloggers, as they need allot of time to think and create content.

Put all the effort you can put in it. And, when you are done with all the things, get some rest, take shower or whatever you want to do. And now try for the connection; hope you get the connection soon. You will feel really relaxed after cleaning your PC. Its your Virtual Home, Keep it Clean, Decorated, its not just a machine, it’s a thing which you hangout with the most, sometimes, even more than your girlfriend.

I hope you liked my tip when your Internet is not working. Thank you for reading.


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