Why is your Blog Losing Traffic?

There is surely more than one reason for the traffic to decline, but one of the biggest is the Panda Update in Google search.

No matter how much traffic you get directly of from Social media, the traffic that comes from Search engine is more then 50% of the total traffic for most of the blogs. So, that thing can’t be ignored.

I have got a couple of blogs, few of them got huge traffic and on few other blogs, the traffic declined almost 50%. After observing every single thing I could, from my blog, I figured out few things which could be the reason such havoc.

Others blogs have written about it in a very tough webmaster language, so, I’ll try to keep it smile here. Please note  that the facts I have observed, may or may not have affected your blog’s performance, but this is what I have observed.

Inconsistency in Writing Posts

All of you know that you need to be consistent in blogging, and this is one big factor which got me affected with Panda update. Bogs which were updated on a regular basis, gained traffic and others lost.

Writing too many posts in a day

Its good to write a lot of content, but this is another mistake I did with one of my blog. I used to write 6 to 7 low quality posts in a day and publish them altogether, and there used to be no update for the rest of the week. This blog was affected the most. Because there was inconsistency as well as the posts were low quality.

Writing Too short Posts or Low Quality Posts.

On one of my blogs, I used to write shots posts by reading other news websites, I knew its not going to take me anywhere because I was indirectly copying posts from other big websites, by rewriting them on my blog.

No Social Media Presence

It’s very strange for me to say that the blogs which had no Social media presence, were affected by Panda update, I always used to think social media doesn’t affect search engine rankings but after observing the performance of my own blogs, I can say it’s important.

After all this, I am very happy that Google implemented Panda update on search results, as the blog on which I have worked so hard has finally started to rank better in search results. Prior to this change in search algorithms, low rakings in Google Search stopped me putting more hard work on this blog. But still there are so many things which I need to implement on this blog as well as the blogs which got affected negatively. Here are the best practices which I am going to follow in the year 2012.


  1. Hi Asif, well written But, I think you should also add responsive design to this post Because, responsive design is a one of the factors every blogger shouldn’t ignore. We are sending traffic to our blog But, If the traffic from mobile or tablet?

    It’s like pushing water in the leak bucket, Isn’t?

  2. Thanks for your inputs Abu.
    I agree with you on this, Responsive design is another factor that can help us gain traffic by giving the users a unified experience across different devices.
    Thanks once again.


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