Why Splash from MTS is the best WordPress Theme for Niche Blogs?

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In this post, I am going tell you why Splash Theme from MyThemeShop is the best WordPress theme for Niche Blogs. 

Before we start talking about the Splash Theme, let’s talk about a perfect layout for a website, and what should you keep in mind before implementing new theme on your blog.

Narrow Layout Works Well for Big Sites like Facebook


Facebook has a three column layout, and its content area (the Newsfeed) is less than 500px, even when you open it on a bigger monitor.

This is because it works well for them, the posts made by Facebook users, even if there are one or two lines, the narrow content area makes it look good.

Also, the narrow content area works well for showing ads that are similar to the size of Photos or Link Posts (with Photo thumbnails). Everything looks nice within the Newsfeed.

If they decide to show a fluid design, which expands with the width of the Monitor, the short posts by users won’t look good.


The Splash theme from MTS offers similar layout. You have a content area which is 600px in size, which means that your 300-word posts would also look longer. The other elements that bloggers embed into the posts,  like, Tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts, also tend to display in a similar range.

The narrow content area in Splash theme works well for this purpose.

I know there are so many themes like this on the web, but most of them are free and you have to compromise on other functionalities that you only get in Premium themes, like Quick Support, Frequent Updates,  Quick Fix Updates (themes can break after a WordPress update) and much more.

Mostly all the premium themes out there are trying to offer everything because they want to cater to everybody. They all have big thumbnails, big sliders, visual composers etc and it seems they give priority to bigger screens. But in reality, the majority of people will use their tiny mobile screens to view your site.

While all these things have their own need, if you are running a Blog that gets the majority of the traffic from Search Engines, and the visitors use Mobile phones, there are high chances they won’t see your flashy design.

Then why to waste time and resources to create wider images, flashy web pages.

I usually keep the images for my posts in a range of 600px to 700px, 80% of my visitors see these images on a 350px wide screen, so the photos are resized anyway, I hope you are getting the point.

Great for Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate

Apart from saving time and resources in building a blog with loads of features, a narrow width theme like Splash works pretty well for Google Ads and Amazon Affiliates.

In fact, it works well for pretty much any type of ads, because the focus of the user is inside just the content box, and if you insert ads using Plugins like QUADS or Ad Inserter, it is going to get a better CTR.  A better CTR means more revenue.

Why Splash Theme from MTS?

Splash theme comes from MyThemeshop and the speed of all their WordPress themes are blazing fast.

And just recently they updated their Splash theme to version 3.0, which brings more optimized codes, a new themes option, and 6 pre-defined layouts that can be installed in one click.

If you want to know how a few changes can optimize the loading speed, head over to the Demo of Splash theme, and browse a few pages. You will know why I chose Splash theme for my niche blog.


I especially loved the Food Blog theme, and this is the one I am using on my with a few changes. This pre-defined layout works for other niches as well, you just have to remove the  background food image and change the theme colors from theme options.

Here is how it looks on my niche blog


So we can say that Splash theme is a Niche Friendly WordPress theme and for blogs that publish posts in a range of 300 to 400 words with a majority of users from Search engines .

Note: A Heavy Responsive WordPress theme will load every element on a website page, even if it is being visited from a Mobile device, this makes a page load slower. This is why, either user a special theme for Mobile, like WP Touch.

A simple responsive theme like Splash brings best of both worlds. It gives the same look and feel of the site on every device yet very fast to load.

[su_button url=”https://mythemeshop.com/themes/splash/?ref=asiogroup” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#C03B40″ color=”#fff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” icon=”icon: download” icon_color=”#fff” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Buy Splash Theme Now for $69 $59[/su_button]


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