WordPress 5.0 is Here, But You Can Still Use the Classic Post Editor

WordPress 5.0 is finally released on 6th December as per the announcement, and along with it, comes the new post editor which is more inline with the modern web. 

Apart from Gutenberg, the new post editor, there are many improvements that have been done behind the curtain, but a new editor remains the top and most visual change in this version. 

WordPress was already prepping it’s users up for this change by offering the new post editor in the form on a Plugin. 

I had used it and even though I liked it,  I disabled it since it does not work with my current workflow. 

Now, there  are many people like me who will find it overwhelming to get used to a completely new UI, the good news is, WordPress will still let users use the classic Post Editor. All you need to do is, install the WordPress Plugin. 

And WordPress would be offering support for it till 2022, which is pretty far away from right now. 

I too am going to enable the plugin and keep using it until I figure out a way to keep my workflow in order, I’ve talked about it here if you are interested, It helps me write faster, but the Voice typing only works in plain text/code format, which is a little confusing and a little difficult to turn off and on. 

I tried voice typing into this new user interface of WordPress post editor, but it didn’t really work out as expected. Maybe there are bugs that need to be addressed before it starts working and behaving like the Classic post editor, at least in the code format

But for now, I guess I will have to switch back to the Classic post editor what about you?

You can install the Classic Post Editor from here.


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