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A few days ago, when I landed on a website while researching for an article on keyword research tools, the sales page had video embed which had this animated thumbnail of a model, loved it instantly.

The video was clear, with no borders and then I found few other videos that were ever cooler than what impressed me instantly.

And to my surprise, it later turned out to be a YouTube video, even though it didn’t look like one.

I knew that I need to find out if there was an easy tool for creating such kind of video embeds on web pages.

As a publisher, I know how effective it is to give your readers an amazing experience and I have even written about the plugin I use for embedding YouTube videos beautifully.


But there is another Plugin that takes the YouTube video embeds to a whole new level.
Clever YouTube is a plugin I am talking about which was created by the same developer who is selling that keyword research tool. It gives so many other options over the top of YouTube.

What this plugin can do ➙

  • Embed YouTube Videos on your website.
  • Control the video’s Playback Quality. Choose your quality level: 240p 360p 480p 720p 1080p.
  • Place your own Custom Image on top of the YouTube video.
  • Place a “Magic Button” below your video–so that your Buy Button pops out exactly when you want it to.
  • Choose from an entire library of stylish Custom Play Buttons(and even animated Play Buttons).
  • Start and Stop the YouTube video at any time.
  • Wrap stylish Borders and Shadows around your video player
  • Save 20 Custom Styles of your own, and even tweak these styles for individual videos.
  • Create links on your website to specific times in the video.
  • Create Responsive Video Players–that grow and shrink with your website width.
  • Place any HTML you want at the end of your video–allowing for a great Call To Action.

I have bought the plugin and have already created few awesome posts containing videos. Most of the posts I created are for my Viral blog that that was a part of the case study for writing a post on this blog. I am yet to implement Clever YouTube on this blog, but I’ll be using it soon.

If you want to see the plugin in action, you can head over to the product page of Clever YouTube and experience its awesomeness.

Clever YouTube is priced at $50 but looking at the kind of features it offers and how easy it is to apply them, there is literally no reason not to buy it.

➤ Clever YouTube Plugin

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